Guidance for Diners

Please note: We are currently closed for dining in due to Rutland being moved into Tier 3.

In order to ensure your safety and wellbeing and that of our staff, we have been obliged to make a few changes in the restaurant in line with both Government advice and legislation and also for your peace of mind. We hope that these precautions and procedures will in no way affect your dining experience.


Please follow Tier-2 guidance as per Government regulations whilst making a booking and dining with us. For information, go to

It is now mandatory for those entering the restaurant to wear face masks and these can only be removed once you are seated at your table. If you leave your seat for any reason, for example to use the rest-room, you must first put on your mask. Failure to do so could result in a fine. Please sanitise your hands upon arrival in the restaurant. Sanitiser is provided at three locations as you enter the restaurant and on the table outside the rest-rooms. We will be taking the temperature of all arrivals using an infrared digital forehead thermometer.

Upon arrival you are requested to register using the NHS Covid-19 app and the QR code located adjacent to the reception desk (when fully operational) or to provide details of members of your party on the form provided should you not have a smart phone or should the NHS app not be operational. Your written information will not be shared with any other entity except NHS Test & Trace and will be destroyed by us after a period of 21 days. You are reminded that current legislation states that restaurants must be closed and vacated before 11pm each night.

For your safety, all of our current menus including our a la carte are for single use only. The number of tables within the restaurant has been reduced in order to allow for 1 metre plus distancing between parties. The whole restaurant has been deep cleaned and all touch surfaces are regularly disinfected. This includes chairs, tables, door handles, taps and toilet flushes etc.

Please remain at your table throughout your stay with us (unless using the rest-rooms) and do not mix with other diners. We are obliged, under the current legislation, to strictly enforce this measure and could be prosecuted if we are seen to be not doing so. There will be no drink service at the bar for guests who will be attended to by allocated members of the waiting staff only. All front of house staff will wear PPE and wash/sanitise their hands regularly.

All our staff are temperature checked upon arrival at work each day and sign a declaration as to their current state of health and to the fact that they have not knowingly come into contact with any other individual who may have Covid-19 symptoms.

We ask that you settle your bill at your table and encourage you to pay by card where possible. Card machines will be cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes after each use.


Your food will be bought to your table and placed on a food stand. You will be attended to by your allocated staff. Should you wish to serve yourself please inform your waiter/waitress before service begins.


We ask that only one person at a time uses each of the rest-rooms. Latches have been fitted to both rest-room main entrance doors and we ask that you use these to prohibit entry by others. Please do not wait outside the rest-rooms in the area next to the kitchen doors. Please use the hand sanitiser on the table as you exit the rest-room area. Rest-rooms will be regularly checked and cleaned during opening hours.

We thank you for your custom and support in helping us to keep everyone safe and hope to see you again soon.